Benefits of a Relaxanation Onsite Massage

Relaxanation onsite massage works on all levels to enhance your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In the words of the ancient philosopher Cicero, "Only the person who is relaxed can create, and to that mind ideas flow like ligthning."

Why Is Relaxanation onsite massage so effective in managing stress?
Massage triggers a "relaxation response" that counters the "stress response". So, when you're under chronic or severe stress, massage can be a quick and effective solution to help your body restore it's natural balance.

Relaxanation Onsite massage is designed to activate the "relaxation response" kicking in within a very short time normally the first 5 minutes, you'll find that

  • Your heart rate and blood pressure decrease.
  • Your breathing deepens.
  • Your muscles start to relax (as tension is gently kneaded away).
  • Painful sensations gradually subside.
  • Your mind focuses on the pleasant sensations instead of your worries.
  • Your feelings of anxiety decrease.
  • Your mood improves (possibly through the release of hormones called endorphins).

In business it is often said the key to success is to look after your assets, any employer who knows this will look after their main crucial asset their employees. Onsite massage is often considered a treat for their employee, but with regular sessions from a skilled Relaxanation therapist your employee/asset will feel rested and recharged leading to increased energy levels, concentration and a feeling of a balanced wellbeing all in turn enhancing their capacity to manage their workloads. Regular sessions can also help to prevent health problems from arising thus reducing sickness absence and saving you money. Your employees will feel valued and appreciated, enhancing staff-employer relations. A happy workforce is a productive workforce. The overall positive effects on your business can only increase staff performance, retention and recruitment. Not to mention your image and reputation as a caring employer!

Having a Relaxanation Onsite Therapist coming into your business to treat your staff allows your staff to see how much you value them. Staff are after all, the key to any business, so as an employer you need to look after them. Let us give them the treat that not only benefits their health and wellbeing but also helps them to be a more productive asset to your company.

The time to relax is when you don't have time for it. ~Attributed to both Jim Goodwin and Sydney J. Harris